The end of winter opens up a world of possibilities! Time to take off the parka, commence fun outdoor activities, plan our summer cook-outs, AND…. see what winter has done to our home. Fortunately, there were no problems with the interior of the home, but the exterior was exposed to everything winter threw at it. If you’re a little lost on where to start just follow this guide, and learn how to Turn Your Vision into Reality.

window trim

Check Your Trim

Make sure your trim, regardless of the material, covers the wood around your window. The winter winds may have caused separation in exterior features- seal these to prevent any future damage. Nothing should be left exposed or the wood can be damaged by the spring rains.

tree removal

Trim Your Trees And Other Plants

Spring storms are notorious for knocking down trees and branches. Trimming now, mitigates the chance of those trees causing damage and you want to do this while the plant is dormant so that the wounds can heal faster and there is less risk of pests causing problems. It’s also easier when the leaves are gone, and you don’t have to worry about harming wildlife.

Walk Around Your Property

If you find your lawn uneven use compacted soil to even it out. One of the last things you want is flooding in your yard from the rains. Rainwater in depressions can impact your foundation and even worse, provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. If there are cracks in your concrete make sure water drains away from your foundation. Seal the cracks now as they can cause a hazardous situation and only get worse over time. Though not as hazardous as cracks like this in China.

inspect roof

Inspect Your Roof

1) Safely get on your roof.

2) Inspect your shingles, check that your shingles are lying flat and sealed down. Lifted shingles drastically affect a roofs ability to repel water.

3) Assess your chimneys flashing to be sure that it is intact and sealed properly.

4) While you’re up there, make sure your gutters are in tact and if there are any obstructions clear them. Finally, point downspouts to drain away from your foundation.

5) If you have any questions consult this checklist from manufacturer IKO

outdoor faucet

Examine Your Outside Faucets

In our previous blog we mentioned disconnecting hoses before winter to prevent your pipes from bursting. If you didn’t, water may have frozen and damaged the attached pipes. Check for damage by turning on the water and using your finger to stop it. If the water is easily stopped the pipe may have a leak and need to be replaced. Also, know how to shut off your homes water, it can save you time and energy in an emergency.

inspect air conditioner

Service Your A/C unit

This is a very important step! If the A/C unit was exposed to the elements have it serviced by a professional. Furthermore, change your filters regularly according to the manufacturer’s suggestion.

If repairs are necessary be mindful not to put them off, it’ll be cheaper, and less of a headache, now than in a couple months.

Above Par Construction would like to thank Kerri Nicketta, a Realtor® with Keller Williams Success Realty for her contributions. Her expertise regarding the home buying process and increasing property value is invaluable. Click here to contact her directly!