hail damage to siding

Above Par Construction specializes in hail and storm damage insurance claims.  If your home has been affected by any damage due to hail, high winds, fallen branches and debris, tornadoes or any other storm occurrence, our Claims Specialists will work with your insurance company to ensure the maximum settlement for your loss!

Hail and Wind damage can be a very expensive repair for your home.  In addition to holes and dents in your siding, hail can cause small leaks to form in the roof. Wind will not only remove shingles allowing water to come in contact with the roof decking but will lift and crack the shingles, which in turn makes your roof vulnerable to more storm damage.

What We Offer:

  • FREE No Obligation Home Inspection

  • We Meet With Your Insurance Provider to Ensure the Maximum Settlement For Your Loss

  • We Assess and Document All Damage Found

  • We Help You Every Step of the Way With the Claims Process

  • Limited Lifetime Material Warranty, 5 year Service and Craftsmanship Warranty


Call Today to schedule a FREE No Obligation Inspection with one of our Trained Professionals.  Storm Damage is often undetectable to the untrained eye and is likely covered under your insurance policy.


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