Winter is undoubtedly the slow season for construction companies across the board, but winter work can bring out the best in us. Several homeowners worry that winter conditions will affect the quality of the project, but putting off the problem will only make it worse. This post is all about how our workers thrive when most contractors stay under their blankets.

  • Office Staff
    • Well, they usually work indoors so they’ll be fine. Their uncanny ability to solve any problem that comes their way will not be hindered.
    • Our office staff is trained to make sure they give the best customer experience, so if that requires a cold weather task you can rest assured that it will get done. Clearing snow with shovel after storm
  • Project Coordinators and Project Managers
    • These guys would always prefer 75 and sunny (wouldn’t we all). But in the Midwest that is rarely the case. We live in world full of 50 degree temperature swings, freak storms, and unpredictable weather. So our PM’s and PC’s aren’t scared by a little bit of snow.
    • The cold weather usually means there are fewer projects which allows them to be laser- focused on the projects they do have.
    • The cold doesn’t break these guys, but if it does, well then that’s too bad. If weather allows us to sneak in a project, then we’ll get the work done.12da78036315bf8c880ebefc78fdae58ba90fcf2
  • Construction and Labor Crews
    • By nature construction workers are a tough bunch, but this doubles for our crews. For them perfect conditions don’t exist. It’s either too hot, rainy, or cold, there might be a couple of weeks per year where it’s perfect. So starting a winter project is not a big deal for our crews.IMG_0834

Several factors need to be considered when you’re thinking about your home remodeling project, but the season doesn’t need to be one. Several years ago building in winter was highly discouraged but new techniques and new technologies have changed the way we work, especially in winter. From start to finish APC is able to exceed your expectations and turn your dreams into reality, this promise doesn’t stop just because summer does.

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